Dedicated services, committed and awesome youth work specialists


Our team has over 50 youth work specialists. And between us, we have everything covered. If we don’t, we have great partners who can.

  • Youth workers
  • Youth refuge workers
  • Intensive family support workers
  • Youth intake workers
  • Youth outreach workers
  • Youth event workers
  • Youth Aboriginal workers
  • Prevention & early intervention youth workers
  • Youth tenancy support workers, and
  • Youth case managers
  • Youth event workers

Our Values


We are ethical, caring about what we do and how we go about it, upholding Platform’s values.

#accepting anything less limits us



We are motivated to be the best versions of ourselves, inspiring others and the organsiation to do the same.

# low expectations limit us



Every individual plays an important role, we value strengths, diversity and experience by listening and the action we take.

# one-way conversations limit us



We are driven by a more inclusive and just society where all individuals are heard and represented.

# not speaking up limits possibilities



We believe in genuine connections to enrich lives, our workplace and community.

# working alone or in silos limits us



We foster a collective commitment to never giving up.

# to give up limit’s opportunities

Making a difference everyday

We exist to help vulnerable young people have the opportunities, skills, and support they need to actively participate in their social and economic communities.

We believe in:

  • Everyone being heard and having a voice
  • Caring about people
  • Valuing integrity
  • Encouraging a sense of personal fulfillment


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Supporters and partners of Platform Youth Services


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