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Help for young people in Penrith, the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury

It doesn’t matter why you need support. We have young people with us who need a safe place to stay because of family breakdown and violence. Young people living on their own who are stressed about how to pay their bills and keep their accommodation. Young people who still live at home but are experiencing their own personal struggles and aren’t getting the type of support they want and need.

Whatever your struggle is, you don’t have to go it alone. All that matters is that you get assistance.

Which is exactly why we’re here.

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Want practical

Food, internet, shower and more.

Need a place
to stay?

A warm & safe bed.

Worried about

Support to pay bills, education costs, or set up your house.

Help for
under 16’s

Specialist support to help stay at home and/or for a safe place to stay while we sort things out.

Want to focus
on education?

Support for completing education

Life in

Support for things like legal problems, work, education and health.

How we help young people aged 12 – 25

We’re pretty flexible and want to help. And if we can’t, we’ll work with you to find someone who can.

If you need an emergency bed for the night or support to stay where you’re already living, we can do that.

After advice or guidance? We’re great talkers and even better listeners.

Or perhaps you’re desperate for a shower, meal and internet? We’re all over it.


Practical help


We’ll help with food packages, computers, phones and internet, advice, and more. We’ll advocate for you, and hook you up with the right people to help – whatever your situation.


If you need a bed, our accommodation includes:

Emergency accommodation (‘I don’t have anywhere to sleep tonight’)’:

  • 12 – 15? HYAP
  • 16 – 18? Katoomba House and Penrith House


Transitional Accommodation (‘I’m ready to live on my own but not sure where to start’):

  • 17 – 24? If you’re ready to live on your own but could use some extra support, we have transitional properties and units that may help.


Tenancy Support (‘I’m struggling to keep my tenancy or find a new place to live):

  •  Need help to keep your current lease or lease a new place?


Education First:

  • 17-22 with a strong dedication and commitment to completing education and participating in the programs give back scheme to be eligible.


Find out more about the Intake and Assessment process.

Legal help

Involved in the legal system? Do you need court support, legal advice or help to pay off fines?

We can advocate on your behalf and hook you up with the people best placed to help.

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Financial help

We can help with no-interest loans for education, training, driving lessons, or even to set up your home.

Help for under 16’s

When it’s possible and safe to do so, we’ll provide the support you need to stay with your family.

We do this in different ways. Sometimes it might include meetings with you and your parents (or carer) to work through a way for you to stay together (this is also called ‘mediation’).

Other times it might be by providing extra support for your family to deal with the problems that are impacting your life at home. This is done via our Homeless Youth Assistance Program, which also provides emergency 24/7 crisis accommodation.

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General help

Sometimes life throws us curveballs, we lose our way, or we’re not sure where to go next. It happens to us all. Whether we’re at home or not, we all face our own personal challenges.

We’ll support young people between 12 and 25 and who are living in the Penrith, Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains regions to:

  • Work on personal goals and development, including education and employment
  • Build healthy relationships Develop the skills you need to live on your own, such as budgeting and cooking
  • Connect with community support (GP, counselling, dental, mental health, sexual health, and drug and alcohol support), and
  • Maintain secure accommodation or seek alternate accommodation.


Find out more about the other services we work with.

The world is your oyster. Let’s get you in the prime position to THRIVE!


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